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보육원에서 재생

Early Intervention (Children 0 to 6)

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in child’s natural environment

At Mindbuilders, we use the principles of ABA and various therapeutic techniques such as self-management, discrete trial training, task analysis, and communication/visual aids to maximise positive outcome in younger children.


More specifically, the process of early intervention service includes:

  • Conducting therapies to children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders focusing on the range of skills such as joint attention, imitation, receptive language, expressive language, pre-academic skills, self-help skills and social skills

  • Examining and evaluating child’s progress through each therapy sessions through keeping records of the overall improvement in every session and comparing them with the previous therapy sessions

  • Assessing child’s level of acquired skills through therapy sessions

  • Providing family-centred therapy support by working in collaboration with the family and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., childcare centre, Paediatrician)

  • Train family members to conduct therapies on a weekly basis

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