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Mindbuilders Clinic Fee Structure & Rebates

Mindbuilders Clinic is committed to providing affordable yet highly professional psychological services to all those in our community. We are registered with Medicare Australia and Private Health Funds, enabling rebates to be accessed. We are also registered providers of FaHcsia, and children who are eligible may access HCWA or Better Start funding.

We keep our standard fees well below the APS recommended fees.

You can see a psychologist in the following ways:

  1. Simply ring Mindbuilders Psychology Clinic and make an appointment with our Psychologist. If you have private health cover you may be able to claim a rebate.

  2. Make an appointment to see your GP and discuss your eligibility to access Medicare rebates. If you meet the criteria your GP will provide a referral under one of the available plans.

  3. Access subsidised funding from a range of government departments.


Private Health Fund Rebates Health Fund

Our Psychologists are registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are, therefore, approved by private Health Funds for services provided.

Most private health funds offer rebates on psychological services  if the client has ancillary or extra’s cover. Rebates vary depending on your fund and your level of cover. Contact your health fund for the latest rebate information. 


Mental Health Care Plan

To be eligible to receive the Medicare rebates you will first need to visit a GP (or Paediatrician or Psychiatrist) who will assess you against certain criteria and, if eligible, prepare a Mental Health Care Plan and provide you with a referral to take to your Psychologist.

You are able to receive rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. Referrals are for a maximum of 6 sessions per referral, so you will be required to return to your GP for further referrals or reviews after each group of 4 sessions. Further to these individual sessions, you are also entitled to receive rebates for 10 support groups per calendar year.


ASD / PDD – Helping Children With Autism (HCWA)

and Better Start Items

In addition to being able to access yearly services through the Mental Health Care Plan and the Chronic Disease Management Plan there are further Medicare rebated services for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These services are accessible once per lifetime and include 4 assessment services and 20 treatment services. Services must be referred by either a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist and age conditions apply.

GP Mental health care

GP Mental Health Care Plan

The Mental Health Care Plan is an option available to all Australians with a diagnosis of a specific mental health disorder that is being managed by a General Practitioner (GP) under a GP Mental Health Care Plan, or a psychiatrist assessment and management plan, or on direct referral from a psychiatrist or a paediatrician (for treatment of a child). Some examples of disorders are; Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorders, Sleep Problems, Eating Disorders, and other mental health disorders.

Chronic Disease Management Plan

Chronic Disease Management Plan

(formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care Plan)

Clients with a chronic/complex medical illness may be referred by a GP to a Psychologist for up to 5 sessions per calendar year.

Government Funding 

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Registered Provider

  • Helping Children With Autism (HCWA) and Better Start Items

  • FaHCSIA – Mindbuilders Psychology Clinic is an Approved provider under this initiative

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